How much does lead testing cost?

The cost varies from job to job. To test the paint in a small room, the average cost is $450. The average cost to test an entire house is approximately $700. Contact us for a more accurate estimate for your home or building. Most circumstance will require a follow-up, known as a clearance, for about $350. The clearance will include an additional report.

Traveling beyond a 50-mile radius may be subject to an additional mileage fee.

What areas do you serve?

NWGB Lead is based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Currently, our service area is all of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. However, traveling beyond a 50-mile radius may be subject to an additional mileage fee.

How soon will I get the results?


We will know right away if lead is present. Within 24 hours, you will receive a detailed report and we will make sure you understand the data on the report.

What makes this different than traditional testing?

Using a specialized XRF analyzer has several advantages over traditional testing:

  • Faster results – find the presence of lead instantly. No need to send samples to a lab.
  • Less destructive – since we do not need to chip away at any surfaces, everything stays intact and you’re not exposed to more lead.
  • More comprehensive – we can test everything in its element – quickly – and more accurately find the source(s) of lead.
What substances can you test?

NWGB Lead can test paint, hardwood floors, even plates and more. However, we do not test pipes or water for lead presence. 

What should I look for to see if I am at risk for lead exposure?
  • If your house was built before 1978
  • Look for peeling or chipping paint
  • Double-hung windows that are painted 
  • Painted stairways – high traffic areas can create lead dust
  • Painted and peeling walls in the basement
If there is lead in my house, what next?

There are two main solutions: encapsulation or removal. Either should be done by a lead based contractor to avoid more exposure in the building. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services providesa list of lead certified contractors and lead certified abatement companies. Once the removal or encapsulation is done, a clearance can be done by NWGB Lead.

Is this covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, lead testing is typically not covered by insurance. Sometimes government assistance is available, depending on where you live. However, NWGB Lead maintains affordable prices and can often provide lead testing and clearance for under $1,000. See “How much does lead testing cost?” above.

The XRF Analyzer

NWGB Lead Assessor Keith Sigl uses an XRF analyzer to accurately detect lead instantly, on any surface. This highly specialized technology can only be used by a certified technician, under a certified organization – NeighborWorks Green Bay. 

It works by simply pointing the analyzing “gun” directly at the testing surface. The XRF analyzer immediately shows the lead data on the read-out, bringing instant results. 


Keith Sigl

NeighborWorks Green Bay
437 S Jackson St.
Green Bay, WI 54301